viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2007

Two Witches - Eternal Passion aca acabo

bueno dos brujas yo se q me faltan mas discos pero solo estos tengo hastqa q consiga mas disquitos de esta banda tam vampiresca de bustra escuela goth aver si me mnadan otro disco
aca la lista

01. The Dark Angels Of Sin
02. Eternal Passion (A Count's Song To His Brides)
03. Open Your Eyes
04. Wintertime
05. Be my Wife
06. Now
07. (I Dont need Your) Holy Land
08. Used and Confused
09. The Experience Of Silence
10. Dracula Rising - Godlike remix
11. Irresistible -Godlike remix
12. Open Your Eyes - Mark Tansley (Intra-VenusSuspiria) remix

Two Witches Advanced Art & Two Witches lednis

Two Witches Advanced Art & Two Witches buen disco dev dos bandas bien

01. Advanced Art - From Nothing To Nothing
02. Advanced Art - Steel
03. Advanced Art - Black Roses
04. Advanced Art - No Answers No Solutions
05. Advanced Art - This Blue Moment (Demo 1988)
06. Advanced Art - Life Before Death (Demo 1987)
07. Two Witches - Cat's Eyes (Black Lipstick Mix)
08. Two Witches - A Child
09. Two Witches - Piemeyden Jousi [DEMO 1987]
10. Two Witches - Nazgul
11. Two Witches - Piemeyden Jousi [REMIX MUTILATION 1992]
12. Two Witches - Vampire Girl


Two Witches Saints & Sinners asereth

otra mas de dos brujas son dos discos nuy buenos eso para mi

01. The Sinner
02. Requiem
03. We all fall Down
04. The Dark Angels of Sin
05. Maybee next year
06. Winter
07. My Own
08. Spirit Sacrafice
09. Dead Dog's Howl
10. Bites and bloody Kisses
11. Vamoire Empire (Crimson Mix)
12. The Omen
13. May you be in Heaven (Piano)
14. Talveniaka
15. Agony

01. Spirit Sacrifice (Remix by D. Scheuber of Project Pitchfork)
02. Irresistible (Remix by Godlike)
03. Open Your Eyes (Remix by Intra-Venus)
04. The Dark Angels of Sin (Remix by Soil & Eclipse)
05. Pimeyden Jousi (Polytron Remix)
06. Cat's Eyes (Black Lipstick Mix)
07. Dracula Rising
08. The Angel of Pain (Live at Mexico City, 2001)
09. Witness of Twilight (Demo Version)
10. Madman (Demo Version)
11. Judgement Day (La Vampire Nue Version with Martin Kasprzak)
12. King Volcano (feat. Shade Factory)
13. Fear of the Dark (feat. Gintronic - Two Witches Mix)
14. Shadows (feat. NYX)
15. Shadowdance


Two Witches Bites BRUTUS

OTra de two witches aca bites o morsdiscos yto se q algunas caniciones son repetidas de otrso discos pero vale la pena descargar

01. Requiem
02. Vampire Empire
03. The Angel Of Pain0
4. Second Bite
05. My Own
06. Naughty
07. Third Bite
08. Far Away
09. Bites And Bloody

TWO WITCHES-- The Singles Collection RAYLI


01. Spirit Sacrifice (Project Pitchfork Remix)
02. The Sinner
03. Requiem
04. We All Fall Down
05. Maybe Next Year
06. My Own
07. Eternal Passion (Chaos Research Remix)
08. Irresistible (Godlike Remix)
09. Open Your Eyes (Intra-Venus Remix)
10. The Dark Angels Of Sin (Soil And Eclipse Remix)
11. King Volcano (Shadowplay Version)
12. Spirit Sacrifice
13. Dead Dog's Howl
14. The Omen
15. Bites And Bloody Kisses
16. May You Be In Heaven (Piano Version)
17. Vampire Empire (Crimson Mix)